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Ammonium chloride
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Ammonium Chloride

Product Name: Ammonium chlorideImplementation criteria: GB2946-92Molecular formula: NH4ClRelative molecular weight: 53.49Properties: Colorless cubic or white crystals. The taste is salty and bitter. S

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Product Name: Ammonium chloride

Implementation criteria: GB2946-92

Molecular formula: NH4Cl

Relative molecular weight: 53.49

Properties: Colorless cubic or white crystals. The taste is salty and bitter. Soluble in water, dissolved in liquid oxygen, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in acetone and ether. Hygroscopicity is small, but it can also absorb moisture and agglomerate in wet and rainy weather. The water solution is weak acidic, and the acidity increases when heated. It is corrosive to ferrous metals and other metals, especially to copper, and has no corrosive effect on rust. Uses: Mainly used for mineral processing and tanning, agricultural fertilizer. Used as a dyeing aid. Electroplating bath additive, metal welding assistant solvent. It is also used for tinning and galvanizing, medicine, candle making, adhesives, chromizing, precision casting dry batteries and storage batteries and other ammonium salts.

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