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Ammonium sulphate
  1. Caprolactam Ammonium Sulfate Granules
  2. Caprolactam Ammonium Sulfate Granules
  3. Caprolactam Ammonium Sulfate Granules
  4. Caprolactam Ammonium Sulfate Granules
  5. Caprolactam Ammonium Sulfate Granules

Caprolactam Ammonium Sulfate Granules

中文名称:硫 酸 铵别名:硫铵  肥田粉  PH:5.5CAS:7783-20-2化学式:(NH4)2SO4英文名:Ammonium sulfate密度:1.77克/立方厘溶解度:0℃溶解70.6g。20℃溶解75.4g。30℃溶解78g。40℃溶解81g。化学性质:纯品为白色结晶,无可见杂质,水溶液呈酸性。不溶于醇、丙酮和氨。

  1. 详细信息

Chinese Name: Ammonium Sulfate

Alias: Ammonium Sulfate Fertilizer Flour



Chemical formula: (NH4) 2SO4

English name: Ammonium sulfate

Density: 1.77 g/cubic centimeter

Solubility: dissolve 70.6g at 0 C. 75.4g was dissolved at 20 C. 78g was dissolved at 30 C. 81g was dissolved at 40 C.

Chemical Properties: Pure product is white crystal, no visible impurities, water solution is acidic. It is insoluble in alcohol, acetone and ammonia. It has hygroscopicity and consolidates into lumps after hygroscopicity. When heated to 513 C, it is completely decomposed into ammonia, nitrogen, sulfur dioxide and water. Ammonia gas is released when it reacts with alkalis. It reacts with barium chloride solution to form barium sulfate precipitation. Salting out of proteins can also occur.

Purpose: agricultural grade.

1. A good nitrogen fertilizer, suitable for general soil and crops, can make branches and leaves grow vigorously, improve fruit quality and yield, enhance the resistance of crops to disasters, can be used as base fertilizer, topdressing fertilizer and seed fertilizer.

2. As a nitrogen fertilizer mainly in agriculture, its advantages are relatively small moisture absorption, not suitable for caking, good physical properties and chemical stability compared with ammonium nitrate and ammonium carbonate; ammonium sulfate is a quick-acting fertilizer, good biological fertilizer, acidic reaction in soil, suitable for alkaline soil. The disadvantage is that the nitrogen content is low, but ammonium sulfate contains not only nitrogen, but also sulfur, which is very beneficial to crops.

Packaging and storage: jacket woven bags, lined with plastic bags. The net weight of each bag is 25kg, 50kg, 1000kg, 1250kg or according to customer's demand. Store in a dry warehouse. Keep away from fire. Heat. Shielding should be carried to prevent sunshine, rain and dampness.